New Jersey Does Not Have an Official State Song

New Jersey Does Not Have an Official State Song

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New Jersey is one of the few states without an official state song. The legislature recently asked the State Council on the Arts to hold a contest to select the state’s song. The Council revealed three finalists and turned the final decision back to the Legislature. The legislature, however, has not yet acted on the recommendations.

Bruce Springsteen’s “Born to Run”

Born to Run is an epic coming-of-age confessional that connects ’50s teenage rock rumbles with Woody Guthrie’s folk-pop strums. It fuses desire and destiny, longing and laughter, death and glory. It captures the spirit of working-class rejection of an unequal society.

While Springsteen has gained international recognition, he isn’t the only New Jersey native to claim the honor. Many notable people have come from the Garden State, and the state’s musical history is littered with famous residents. But Springsteen’s connection to his birthplace isn’t buried in liner notes; it is part of the heart of his music.

The official state song of New Jersey is a classic example of Bruce Springsteen’s style. It is a song cycle about love that begins with courtship and ends with fear and isolation. As a result, “Born to Run” has been embraced as the state’s state song.

The song has become a staple of Springsteen’s concerts. During the 1975 Born to Run tour, it was played at almost every Springsteen concert. It is typically played live with full house lighting, and the crowd sings along.

The song wasn’t chosen by the state legislature; it was chosen by Red Mascara, a native of New Jersey. He wrote the song as a way to celebrate his state, and spent years to get the song made official.

I’m From New Jersey by Red Mascara

It’s hard to believe that I’m From New Jersey by Red Mascarea is not the state’s official anthem. Red Mascara, who died in 2007 at the age of 92, lobbied for years for the song to become official, but it’s not. In 1960, Robert Meyner, the governor of New Jersey, had said he wanted to make the song the state’s official anthem.

While Mascara’s song is not the official state song, it does have a unique meaning and history. It tells the story of two women touring New Jersey. It’s a tribute to the state’s history, and the song’s lyrics were inspired by the Battle of Princeton. The song was written to commemorate that battle, and Mascara invited Princeton University students to write and perform their own version.

Red Mascara, a native of New Jersey, lobbied for the song’s adoption as the state song. Unfortunately, the song’s adoption failed in the state legislature. Although “I’m From New Jersey” was chosen for the 1966 Miss N.J. World pageant, the song was also used by the Franklin High School Band at the 1968 National Jaycee convention in Arizona and by the Oakcrest Regional High School Band at the Festival of States in St. Petersburg, Florida. Although the song was never officially adopted as the state’s official tune, it’s still a popular song in the state.

There are a number of other attempts to make a song the official state song, but there’s no official state song. In fact, the state legislature has tried to pick a state song since 1939. In the end, a committee made up of music professionals scoured through more than 200 songs.

Queen Latifah’s “I’m From New Jersey”

Many people associate the state with a certain type of music. Queen Latifah, an Irvington native, is arguably the state’s most famous female rapper. But the state’s music scene has a diverse range. Count Basie, Jon Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, and Ed Aldrin are also New Jersey natives. Other notable New Jersey artists include Albert Einstein, Frank Sinatra, Whitney Houston, and Paul Simon.

The song has been adapted from a variety of musical styles and genres. Some artists have contributed songs to the official state song. The song was originally recorded in Camden by Jimmie Rodgers. Other artists have performed in the state, including Bill Chinnock and Sarah Vaughan.

The state’s diversity can be traced to the state’s ethnic composition. According to a Pew Research Center study, Indian immigrants made up 10% of the state’s foreign-born population. Moreover, the state is highly multicultural and ethnically diverse. In fact, New Jersey’s population is one of the most diverse in the country.

“I’m From New Jersey” is Queen Latifah’s “official state song.” Currently, it is the official state song of New Jersey.

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