New Jersey Drive-In Movie Theaters

New Jersey Drive-In Movie Theaters

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In the early 1900s, Richard Hollingshead, a chemical manufacturer from Camden, New Jersey, designed a drive-in movie theater using blueprints he made himself. The construction of the drive-in theater involved mounting a Kodak projector on the hood of a car. Hollingshead then tested the various components of the theater on his driveway. During the trials, he simulated different weather conditions and lined cars up in front of a tree-mounted screen.

Richard Hollingshead’s drive-in movie theater

The drive-in movie theater concept began with Hollingshead’s invention of a simple device to project movies on a tree. He patented the idea and could collect royalties from other drive-in operators for 17 years. The Camden Theater had three RCA Victor speakers mounted to the screen, so people in the back of the theater had trouble hearing the movies. Early advertisements encouraged people to smoke and talk during the movies.

Drive-in theaters were free to enter and often featured double or triple-feature films. The novelty of the drive-in was that the audience was free to do whatever they wanted. It allowed people to smoke and talk without disturbing others, and it also provided a place to eat. It also removed the need for babysitters, as children could ride in their pajamas. It was also a boon to those who were seriously overweight.

Hollingshead’s drive-in theater first showed a film called “Wives Beware” in 1933. The movie was a hit and sold out on opening night. The theater’s low admission price made it an affordable option for families. Originally, sound was supplied by a tower-mounted speaker, which was loud enough to cause problems in the neighborhood. However, Hollingshead’s drive-in was never a profitable business, and he sold it three years later.

Raleigh Road Outdoor Theatre in Henderson, N.C., was the site of the first drive-in movie theater

The Raleigh Road Outdoor Theatre opened in the summer of 1949, and is one of seven drive-in movie theaters still operating today. Founded as the Moon-Glo Theatre, it has a long and storied history. The drive-in theater shows classic films as well as first-run new releases, and is open year-round.

In addition to showing movies, the Raleigh Road Outdoor Theatre offers live entertainment seven nights a week during the summer. The theatre features a full concession stand, and even serves hot food. The theatre is dog-friendly, with treats for dogs at the ticket booth.

Drive-in movie theaters are still operating today, despite the economic downturn. While some have closed their doors, others have found a way to survive by staying open and operating. In North Carolina, Raleigh Road Outdoor Theatre is the oldest drive-in theater in the state. Its two screens are perfect for a summer afternoon or evening out. It screens double features on weekends year-round and double features from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Also, nearby is the Blue Moon Drive-In Theater, which opened in 1956. It offers concerts and trivia nights.

Ed Brown operated an airport and drive-in movie theater in South Jersey

In 1948, a former Navy pilot named Ed Brown opened the first drive-in and fly-in movie theater in South Jersey. The theater had room for 500 cars and was surrounded by an airfield. People could taxi their cars to the back row and board planes for a quarter each. The theater also provided tow service for planes.

The drive-in theater and the airstrip were built adjacent to each other. They were a unique concept, and few other drive-ins have matched it. Despite their unique concept, the drive-ins did not catch on and did not last long.

Delsea Drive-in on Route 47 is the only operating drive-in movie theater in New Jersey

New Jersey has a rich history of drive-in movie theaters. The first one was opened in Pennsauken in 1933. The cost of admission was one quarter per person and car. The popularity of the drive-ins grew, and there were several others built throughout the state over time. Monmouth Executive Airport even tried to open a conventional drive-in theater but was unsuccessful.

The Delsea Drive-In is located on Route 47 in Vineland. It is one of the few drive-in movie theaters still in operation in New Jersey. It once drew families, couples, and young love-struck teenagers. According to Patricia Martinelli, curator of the Vineland Historical and Antiquarian Society, the drive-in was an integral part of suburban life.

Since then, there have been numerous attempts to save the Delsea Drive-in, but none have succeeded. The upcoming season is a tough one, and moviegoers must plan carefully. Movie theaters are expensive, and Doc’s drive-in is not cheap. He’s currently only showing two movies a night, and the tickets are $11 each.

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